July 14, 2016

TFcon 2016!

The Canadian Transformers convention, TFcon 2016, is this weekend! Still so much to get ready for!

I’ll be presenting a panel on the Japanese franchises that influenced Transformers, currently scheduled for Saturday at 3pm.

I did some artwork to serve as the title page for the panel. Take a look at Transformers X Anime!

Transformers X Anime by ninjatron on DeviantArt

It’s going to be a fantastic look at some of the important robots and characters that paved the way for Transformers to come into existence. Get ready to meet your robot grandpas!

Hope to see you there in Mississauga! If you won’t be able to make it, well… too bad for you I guess!


Splatoon X Evangelion=Neon Genesquid Evansplatioon by ninjatron on DeviantArt

Why on Earth would anyone want to combine Splatoon with Neon Genesis Evangelion? Well, I don’t know why I did it, but I did. Of course I am a huge fan of both things and I suppose they were on my mind at the same time. I worked on it during streaming sessions on my Picarto channel. Some people watched. It was cool to have an audience!

After a long break, I went back to making new entries in the Ninjapocalypse universe. The first of 5 new characters is set to debut on Thursday, May 12, 2016. We are on the way towards the goal of 100 characters!


February 11, 2016

New Art for the New Year


I just added some recent art pieces to the Illustration page! You may have already seen them on Tumblr and/or deviantArt, but now they are here.  There is my artwork of Links and Linkle from Legend of Zelda, Megatron, Super Mario Bros. 2, C-3PO & R2-D2, and Pokemon. Yes, I drew Pokemon.

Actually, this is a lie. I didn’t just add them. I actually did it a few days ago and didn’t say anything. I’m sure nobody noticed, so this will be the official announcement.

Also, check out my Tumblr for a look at the process of creating the Pokemon artwork. Lots of images of the artwork as it was in progress.

I’m going to be working towards other things, like learning some new skills and refining what I can already do, so I don’t know how many more full illustrations I’m going to do for awhile. We’ll see.


January 13, 2016

My favorite stuff of 2015


It is now the year 2016.Not a very futuristic sounding year, despite being further into the future than 2015, which still sounds so far flung and exotic. Anyway, a lot of great stuff came out  in 2015 and I figured I’d take a moment to talk about some of my most favorites. I’m sure that all of these 2015 releases are going to be things that I will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Favorite Game – Splatoon

Probably not just my favorite game of the year, but my favorite thing of the year. Splatoon is a triumph of style and game design. Nintendo’s squid-tastic ink shooting multplayer game is easy to get into but with plenty of strategy and variety. You could spend all day playing, or just jump in an play a few matches here and there, and always have fun. One of the best moments in my life as a video game player was the Transformers themed Splatfest. I fought with everything I had over every last drop of ink in the name of the Decepticons. Seeing the Decepticons team win over the Autobots was the most euphoric victory I’ve ever experienced in a game before.


Favorite Book – The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Full of detail, great behind-the-scenes info, and plenty of colorful artwork, this book is a must have for anyone who was ever a fan of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Some of the artwork collected in this book is so badass that it might be hard for some common Earth folk to believe it came out of a toyline.


Favorite Toy – Transformers Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors Devastator

Actually, I’m cheating a bit on this one, as I do not have it yet. I got the Japanese version and have not had it shipped to me yet. But it’s a forgone conclusion that I’m going to like it a lot. Getting a near-full range of combiners from the original Transformers toy line remade into modern standards was a pipe dream for a long time, but Hasbro and Takara delivered. I’ve got Superion and Menasor, and they are really good, but Devastator is in a class by itself and it’s clear that they went all out on this release with each member of the team boasting impressive detail and size. The Japanese release goes even further with added articulation and accessories.


Favorite TV Series – Daredevil

This show takes having a Netflix subscription from being a nice luxury to an absolute must have.  It makes some bold moves and does things that couldn’t be done on regular network TV. All of the Marvel TV shows have been really good in 2015. Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. really hit its stride and Agent Carter was fantastic. Jessica Jones was amazing too. I don’t watch very many serialized TV shows any more, but I certainly made time to watch these.


Favorite Anime – Young Black Jack

Uhh… actually, I don’t know if I watched any other anime from 2015. I watched shows from as early as a few years ago and some classics, but, unless I’m forgetting something,  I guess I missed out on most 2015 anime specifically. I’ll have to fix that. But Young Black Jack is pretty good, with some creative uses of Osamu Tezuka’s star system. The last few episodes are really powerful. Young Black Jack is not as cool as old Black Jack, but then again, who is?


Favorite Movie – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Obviously. It’s Star Wars, so of course it’s my favorite, and there isn’t much of anything else to say. Besides this, I enjoyed Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World, and Ant Man was really good as well. Overall a good year for movies that sets the scene for more good years to come.


That’s all for 2015. I’m looking forward to all the cool stuff that 2016 has to offer, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to offer some cool stuff to you as well!

What did you like about 2015?



December 23, 2015

The Force Awoke.

I remember where I was when it happened.

It was during an illustration class in the first year of the Video Game art college program I had gone back to school to take. We were all at drafting tables, mostly working independently. During a break in the action, I pulled out my phone to check my message and read my Twitter feed. My eyes widened as I read the events that has transpired earlier that day. I knew I had to be the one to tell everyone.

“George Lucas sold LucasFilm to Disney and they just announced that they’re making Star Wars Episode VII.”

The room rustled. Cool moment.

It seemed hard to comprehend at the time. Star Wars was not in any danger of being forgotten, but the prospect of getting more movies, numbered sequels even,  was unfathomable.  It was exciting to think of the possibilities but the question over what they were going to do with it cast a shroud. After all, how do you create a sequel to Return of the Jedi?

Quick painted BB8 doodle drawn by me using the software Mischief.

Quick painted BB8 doodle drawn by me using the software Mischief.

Well, here we are. They did it and it’s fantastic.

I’m not going to go into too many details or post any spoilers but I do want to say that I’ve seen The Force Awakens twice so far and loved it. The new characters were great, the call-backs were fun, the returning cast was so good to see again, and the ending was pitch perfect.

I have to say that watching it the first time was kind of a weird experience though! I feel like I know every inch of the other 6 movies, so seeing a movie that I didn’t know anything about, but was so obviously Star Wars, was very strange! I didn’t know what was going to happen and that new sensation was ever-present. Upon my second viewing though, it had become much more familiar, and in a very good way.

I think that it is very much a Star Wars film, but it’s also it own thing with a modern sensibility. From a lot of the action and the dialog, It did feel like a movie made in 2015, and that’s fine. It’s a new beginning for this franchise, and while I don’t want it to become too over-saturated to the point where it looses its magic, I’m excited to see what happens with it moving forward.

All that said, my most favorite part of Episode VII is when the annoying kid sitting next to me, who kept on saying things like “Who’s that?” and “What’s that?” and “My tummy hurts!” and his dad, who had to keep telling the kid to be quiet, left their seats and did not come back. Then I could finally enjoy the movie! My main concern regarding when Episode VIII comes out is that I do not sit beside anyone else like that, or, coincidentally,  sit beside the same kid again.