December 20, 2003

Where is it? My Precious!

This has been a pretty busy week so far. I’ve probably accomplished more in this week than I ever did in any given week at school this past semester. Even aside from Christmas shopping and the website updates, the past two days have been fairly eventful.

On Wednesday I went to go see The Return of the King with some friends. It was an amazing film, of course. I’m very happy that I was able to see it with a great bunch of folks.

Thursday I went to an elementary school to do some presentations on anime drawing. Tips and tricks and the like, sort of a little taste of my work at Comic Book Masters. It went very well and all the students were really into it. The teachers enjoyed it as well. I did 3 presentations with 3 different classes, essentially the same thing each time. It really opened my eyes to how the school system has such a poor focus on art and drawing and how this is an opportunity for people like me to pick up that ball and run with it. There’s a lot of interest out there for drawing programs, people just don’t always know where to look. I think a lot of people who make decisions don’t realize that not every kid is going to join the hockey team. Doing these presentations made me discover that what I do has an important place, and can potentially become even more important.

So after all of this I have been pretty tired, and today has been the only day where I just decided to relax. So I’ve just been eating pizza and watching anime, two things I am very accomplished at but haven’t done enough of lately. So I might be doing this for a few days.


December 5, 2003

It’s Ninja Day today!

That’s right, thanks to the hard work and dedication of my stealthy brothers at Ninja Burger, today is the first ever DAY OF THE NINJA!

All things today must be about Ninja. Post about ninjas on your weblogs or message boards. Talk about ninjas with your friends and family. Watch ninja movies or ninja related animated television programs. And be sure to let the ninjas in your life know how great they are and pay them tribute. If you are not personally acquainted with any ninjas, then I shall nominate myself as the ninja which you can lavish your praise upon.

You can start your shinobi themed day by seeing if you happen to be a ninja by taking an important quiz. Of course, this is the result that I got.

You are a ninja!
You are ninja. Sign up at

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I was expecting nothing less.

Have a great Ninja Day everyone.


December 1, 2003

What’s your battle cry?

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, stalking out of the mini-mall parking lot! It is Ninjatron, hands clutching a burning branch! He bellows homicidally:

“Hail the blood-letting! I desecrate until there is no more hope!!”

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

Yep, sounds good to me. What’s yours?


“The Lion & Lamb Project” has released this year’s Dirty Dozen” list of terrible toys that will make children become violent monsters! I think the idiocy of these people speaks for itself, proving a lack of both research and common freakin’ sense.


November 8, 2003

Make no bones about it.

This is The Skeleton. Say hello.

The Skeleton

He is a Hallowe’en decoration that has, for some reason, never been returned to his fellow ornaments and is continuing to linger around here. He now resides on my desk.

He is a very strange Skeleton, even aside from the eerie nuclear green glow.

He is approximately six inches tall, made out of a soft plastic that I can only assume is non-toxic. His chin is somehow connected to the center of his ribcage. The ribcage is unnatural and seems to have several more ribs than any human ought to have. He has no shoulder blades. His spine is long and flat. He has red eyes, but also a red nose. He has no teeth, but rather a structure of bone resembling the lips of an ape. His legs somehow grow out of the wrong section of the hips. He has no actual hands, but rather five fingers of similar length which are growing directly out of the end of his forearm. He has this same deformed structure attached to the bottom of his shins instead of feet. His legs are far too short.

It is like this is the skeleton of a young child’s drawing.

I can not leave the skeleton alone. This poor soul is under a constant barrage of torture from me, which I inflict unwittingly. I punch him, twist him in painful ways, pull on his arms and legs, slap him against hard surfaces, dangle him upside-down by his ankles, tie him in little knots, squeeze him within my hand, jab him with my fingers, crush his head, make him slap himself, and drop him on the ground, all without thinking about what I am doing.

Please be nice to The Skeleton, because I can not.

He is my only true friend.