August 20, 2003

Note to punks: Bite me.

So recently I’ve gotten some nasty little anonymous messages in my guestbook. You know the kind, the sort of poorly worded and poorly spelled juvenile garbage constantly being spewed forth by the brain-dead scum of the Internet. Perhaps the work of a few people, perhaps the work of one. I intend on addressing several of them very soon, but just to prove that I’m not blind to the fact that there are people out there insulting me on my own website, I’ve got this to say.

You got a problem with me? You don’t like the way I do things? You think I suck? Fine. But at least have the guts to stand by your thoughts. Leave a freakin’ name. Leave a freakin’ e-mail address. Try to actually spell something right and use some damn punctuation. Save the petty name calling and insults for recess time. And most of all, back up your opinions with something tangible.

Otherwise you’re just another 12 year old would-be bully here in this virtual schoolyard playground, trying in vain to be tough while pretending to be cool. You make me sick, but only because I think you’re pathetic.

Certainly, if people have something to say, they can just go ahead and say it. I’m not going to stop anyone from saying anything negative. But if you can’t do that in an intelligent manner, then obviously you shouldn’t have come to this website in the first place, because it’s just too damn smart for you. Don’t waste your time, and don’t waste mine.

And for anyone out there who has a different opinion than those which have been staining the site recently, please share. I will always appreciate it.

These kinds of messages don’t upset me at all. They’re too stupid to sweat over and worry about or even take seriously. But I have to say that I get disappointed when I check my guestbook or my e-mail and messages like that are all I get. If you dig what I do, then say so, and say why. And if you don’t, same thing. Say so, and say why. Got it? Thank you.


August 15, 2003

I have the Power!

Though yesterday I didn’t. Nobody did.

So at about 4 in the afternoon I was working on an update for the Weblog here. I had just about finished when, as usual, something bad happened. And chances are that if you’re reading this, it happened to you too.

The power went out just after 4 P.M. and didn’t come back until about 4 A.M., leaving me in the dark for almost 12 whole hours. It was crazy. Lucky for me, I’m a ninja, and the darkness is not my enemy. I think I adapted pretty well.

If any of my previous Anime students are reading this, there’s a message for you on the board. Fairly self explanatory.

A special hello goes out to samurai_blade_60, who apparently is a former student of mine who has decided to take his frustration over his lack of talent out on me. I tried to reply to his poorly-worded e-mail but i am unsure if it went through. If that is the case, then this guy is a total coward, unwilling to back up his feelings with a name and e-mail address. Here’s a taste of what he had to say.

“i dont really your art you rely to much on style pluse you think your japanese but your not”

Lovely. Can you believe that? He doesn’t really my art! Come to think of it, I don’t really my art very much either.

Transformers Armada issue #14 is out, beginning the Generation 1 crossover. Not only does it have the original Galvatron destroying anyone who gets in his way, but it also has Starscream giving Megatron the finger. Seriously. It rules. Buy it.

“I have always lived in darkness. I will never fear death.” – Akuma


August 7, 2003

Protect the children!

I am disgusted.

Read this and you’ll see why.

Done reading? Good. Ninja rant time.

So this guy in Texas sold an adult comic book… to an adult. And for that he’s getting into trouble. Why? Because comics are for kids, of course!

Yeah, right.

First of all, whoever it was that came up with this plot to ruin this guy’s business for the sake of their ideals and morals did so in such a crooked and underhanded way and I would be quick to call them dogs without honor. I am sure that this is the work of a fundementalist parent group or some other sort of loud-mouthed batch of soccer moms that have all too often tried to take entertainment away from people. They make me sick.

I’m not into hentai manga, but that doesn’t mean no one else should be either. That’s not the real issue here. What I’m so angry about is that even after the expert testimony, the whole “just for kids” argument is what has won out. For crying out loud, comic books are NOT just for kids! Same deal with animation, toys, and video games. But because these mediums are seen by the ignorant masses as something that is meant for kids, we’ve got to “protect the children”.

What a bunch of garbage.

I’ve always felt very strongly about these sorts of issues. I want to know what you have to say. Hit the boards and talk.