August 7, 2003

Protect the children!

I am disgusted.

Read this and you’ll see why.

Done reading? Good. Ninja rant time.

So this guy in Texas sold an adult comic book… to an adult. And for that he’s getting into trouble. Why? Because comics are for kids, of course!

Yeah, right.

First of all, whoever it was that came up with this plot to ruin this guy’s business for the sake of their ideals and morals did so in such a crooked and underhanded way and I would be quick to call them dogs without honor. I am sure that this is the work of a fundementalist parent group or some other sort of loud-mouthed batch of soccer moms that have all too often tried to take entertainment away from people. They make me sick.

I’m not into hentai manga, but that doesn’t mean no one else should be either. That’s not the real issue here. What I’m so angry about is that even after the expert testimony, the whole “just for kids” argument is what has won out. For crying out loud, comic books are NOT just for kids! Same deal with animation, toys, and video games. But because these mediums are seen by the ignorant masses as something that is meant for kids, we’ve got to “protect the children”.

What a bunch of garbage.

I’ve always felt very strongly about these sorts of issues. I want to know what you have to say. Hit the boards and talk.



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