September 29, 2003

Anime I’ve been watching.

Yesterday I watched one of the greatest pieces of animation that I have ever seen. It was called “Secret of Cerulean Sand” (Patapata Hikousen no Bouken) and it was just beautiful. Not sure how many episodes it is, but I saw 4, and that was more than enough to say that it was awesome. The animation was incredible. The backgrounds kicked ass. And the story is complete and utter magic. It’s a classic kind of story, with a adventurous young girl obsessed with trying to build a flying machine. It’s really an accessible story line, set in what seems to be the old-time southern US.

This is a show that going to make a lot of anime-haters eat their words. Everyone needs to see this show. Kids essepcially need to see this show. It’s phenomenal. Fansubs are currently available for download online, but this series really needs to be licensed and given a wide release. Anime fans are going to love it, but it’s my hope that non-anime fans or people who generally don’t give much thought to animation will love it too. It’s a hundred times better than anything I’ve ever seen Disney put out. It’s just that good. Keep an eye on it!

Other anime that I’ve been into include Bomberman Jetterz, Slam Dunk, Gundam ZZ, and Matantei Loki Ragnarok. All of these are also, at the time of this writing, available online as fansubs. If you’re going to be joining me at Comic Book Masters this October, then perhaps you might be getting a taste of some of these shows.

Speaking of which, I’ve added some Photos to the Comic Book Masters website. If you were a student there last winter or spring, then there might be a shot of you there now. Since I was holding the camera, there aren’t any shots of me, but there is a picture of something I drew. Check it out.



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