The long awaited Transformers art book has finally been released. I was able to scrape together enough money to buy a copy this week, and let me tell you that after going through each and every page several times, it is amazing. It’s totally full of awesome artwork from all of the various generations of Transformers. Dreamwave covers and lithos, CGI shots from Beast Wars and Beast Machines rendered by Mainframe, convention exclusive characters, and a whole wack of some of the best fan art you’ll ever see.

Not only is this book nice to look at, but its release is a very important event in the history of Transformers fandom. A book like this proves the far reaching influence that the Transformers have had, and continue to have, on a lot of people. The artists featured in this book have been inspired by Transformers to create great artwork in a wide variety of styles, and I think that says a lot about the power that a franchise like this can have over people’s imaginations. Transformers isn’t a dumb fad or a trend or something childish without merit. It’s the real deal. It has a rich history and a wide variety of characters. It’s here to stay. And this book, appropriately labeled as “Fine Art“, proves it.

What’s more is that this is just the first half. The next part, to be announced later, will contain official artwork from Hasbro and Takara. I do hope that these books are met with a lot of success, and that perhaps further volumes would be released in the future. If that were to happen, I’d personally do my best to be one of the included artists.

If you have any interest in Transformers at all, please buy this book. It’s worth every penny. Not only will you be getting over 100 pieces of awesome artwork, but your purchase will also be proving to the world that Transformers rock!

My hat is off to 88MPH Studios for a job well done against seemingly impossible odds.



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