December 5, 2003

It’s Ninja Day today!

That’s right, thanks to the hard work and dedication of my stealthy brothers at Ninja Burger, today is the first ever DAY OF THE NINJA!

All things today must be about Ninja. Post about ninjas on your weblogs or message boards. Talk about ninjas with your friends and family. Watch ninja movies or ninja related animated television programs. And be sure to let the ninjas in your life know how great they are and pay them tribute. If you are not personally acquainted with any ninjas, then I shall nominate myself as the ninja which you can lavish your praise upon.

You can start your shinobi themed day by seeing if you happen to be a ninja by taking an important quiz. Of course, this is the result that I got.

You are a ninja!
You are ninja. Sign up at

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I was expecting nothing less.

Have a great Ninja Day everyone.



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