December 20, 2003

Where is it? My Precious!

This has been a pretty busy week so far. I’ve probably accomplished more in this week than I ever did in any given week at school this past semester. Even aside from Christmas shopping and the website updates, the past two days have been fairly eventful.

On Wednesday I went to go see The Return of the King with some friends. It was an amazing film, of course. I’m very happy that I was able to see it with a great bunch of folks.

Thursday I went to an elementary school to do some presentations on anime drawing. Tips and tricks and the like, sort of a little taste of my work at Comic Book Masters. It went very well and all the students were really into it. The teachers enjoyed it as well. I did 3 presentations with 3 different classes, essentially the same thing each time. It really opened my eyes to how the school system has such a poor focus on art and drawing and how this is an opportunity for people like me to pick up that ball and run with it. There’s a lot of interest out there for drawing programs, people just don’t always know where to look. I think a lot of people who make decisions don’t realize that not every kid is going to join the hockey team. Doing these presentations made me discover that what I do has an important place, and can potentially become even more important.

So after all of this I have been pretty tired, and today has been the only day where I just decided to relax. So I’ve just been eating pizza and watching anime, two things I am very accomplished at but haven’t done enough of lately. So I might be doing this for a few days.



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