This website was down for a while yesterday. I’m not sure why, but things have seemed to be running a bit slow recently. It must be something on the servers’ end. Have patience, young Jedi.

Now, I’m not one to complain about the weather. I generally have a very high tolerance for both extreme heat and extreme cold. That all said, damn is it ever wintery out there! It has been just miserable, the worst I can remember a winter being in several years around here.

But that would not deter me, oh no. For today is a momentous day, and I was not about to let some snow and ice stand in my way, because today is the release date of Godzilla vs Megaguirus and Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters all out Attack on DVD. As a monster fan, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long, long time, and now these films are in my possession at last. Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla is slated for a March release, and I’ll be picking that one up too. Perhaps someday I’ll do a review on these movies, like I did in my Godzilla 2000 article.

I’ve also recently gotten my hands on the Ultraman Tiga starter set, containing the first of four volumes of the show and a spiffy T-shirt in a collectors’ box. I’ve really been enjoying that, and it’s great to see a high quality release of this classic Japanese series for the North American market. It’s pretty expensive, but there’s 13 episodes in each volume, so there’s a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, it’s subtitled, which is what the fans wanted.

On a similar subject, I had been keeping my eye on Kaiju Big Battel for a few years now. It’s live action monster wrestling. What’s not to like about that? Well they finally have a DVD available, called Teribi Sento, and I used some Christmas money to buy it. It’s full of weird characters and lots of bizarre Japanese style humor that only a few people will find funny. I, of course, am one of those people. It’s an acquired taste, and there is some room for improvement on the production end, but it’s quite entertaining to see a giant sandwich fighting against a kung fu fighting can of soup. I also got a T-Shirt, some actual debris from one of their fights, and a whole bunch of stickers, pins, magnets, and other promotional items, which is very cool. Dr. Cube rules!

At the request of their tech support, my digital drawing tablet was shipped over to Wacom last week and has just arrived there. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix whatever it is that’s wrong with it without costing any money. I’m getting very anxious to start using it again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some monster smackdown to watch.



I’ve been getting a whole bunch of returned mail that I never sent in the first place. Mail that looks like it originates from Korea and contains obvious links to porn sites.

Somebody out there is using my e-mail server, complete with my e-mail address as the return address, to send wave after wave of vile, disgusting spam. Spam that looks like it was sent through

I had NOTHING at all to do with this. This was completely out of my hands. Someone is using my site and my e-mail address to continue the endless stream of Internet sludge-pumping, and I’ve got to deal with the drops that don’t go through the system. Now my website’s name has been tainted by this scum, and that makes me look bad. This pisses me off to no end. This is the kind of thing that I’ve been trying to fight against, and for my property to be violated and this garbage thrown my way, well that just makes me sick to my stomach! This is a cancer on the Internet, and I’ll be damned if I let my website become another malignant cell.

Go to hell, you worthless porn-swilling bastards, and take your God damned spam with you! You pigs make me want to vomit, and I can’t wait until the day comes when all of your asses fry. In fact, I hope that I can actually be there when it happens so I can personally rip your freakin’ heads off ahead of time!

There. I feel better now.

But you know what else pisses me off? With all the promotion that I do with this site, and with all of the times that I try to encourage participation and feedback, how much e-mail do I get? After cleaning out the several hundred spam mails I get each week, I’m lucky to get 2 or 3 actual, real e-mails from people who actually want to talk to me! That’s pathetic.

Yeah, it’s been a bad week, and I’m in a bad mood. Well my anger is justified. Somebody tell me I’m wrong. I dare ya. That’s right, you can’t.