February 4, 2004

No more Mr. Nice Ninja.

Yes, I realize the irony of that title…

The overwhelming majority of hits that this website receives are coming from Google image search. That means that people are typing in their search terms, such as “Anime Samurai“, getting my site as one of the results, viewing the picture, and, more often then not, taking it for their own use, without actually reading the webpage or viewing the image in the proper context that I intended. And the result of this usually amounts to someone using the images on this website on their own websites, or in their web logs, or on message boards.

That sucks.

I’m not paying for all of this web space just so other people can exploit my property. I put time and hard work into adding all of the content found on this site, be it an original piece of artwork, screen capture from a DVD, or anything else you find here. All I want out of it all is for people to actually see what I have done, read what I have to say, know that I am the one who is presenting it, and tell me what they think. To bypass all of this and just take what they want for whatever reason is disgusting and immoral. It just lacks the very basics of human decency and conscience. These people are stealing my property and my bandwidth, and last time I checked, stealing is wrong.

If you want to look at any of the pictures on this website, you must look at them through this website. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

Though my web host has not been very helpful, I have spent the last week taking certain measures to protect my property, and I will be continuing to look into doing more.

Be fairly warned: If I catch anyone using my images on their website, message board, weblog, or whatever, I will not politely ask you to take them down. No, I will simply skip right ahead to the part where I horribly embarrass you and make your lives miserable. And don’t think for an instant that I won’t. I will.

Anyone got a problem with that? Just try and stop me.



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