March 10, 2004

Ice to see you.

So I went back to the doctor’s office yesterday to see if the x-rays had shed any light on the problems with my wrist. There wasn’t really much in the way of new information, though. He said that there is a possible fracture, which he mentioned the last time I saw him. There was something in the x-ray that should not be there, but no one is sure what it is. The exact language used was “a line“, so I don’t know if there’s a crack or is someone opened up my hand and drew on there one day. It doesn’t make a lot of sense though, because I never did anything to seriously injure myself that I can remember, so if there is a fracture, then how did it get there?

I go back in a month. Until then, the prescription is ice. I’ve got to ice my wrist every day. I have to take it easy and not push myself, so I can’t really be producing a lot of artwork any more, which is not the news that I wanted to hear, but I’ll have to deal with it. I’ve been working hard to finish off one more piece for this site, but after that things will slow to a trickle.

Here’s some good news, though. Batman and Superman Animated box sets? Could it be true? Finally? YES!



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