March 27, 2004

I CAN deal with this now!

Look at what I got!

That’s right, all you Yankee Crackas out there. Transformers Energon Ultra Magnus is mine!

So says that they’re not going to be shipping any more of this guy, and thus an already hard to find and highly sought after Transformer goes through the roof in value. Well I don’t care anymore, because I found one yesterday and snapped it up. Now it’s mine! Bwahahaha!

The crazy thing is that, even though all of the parts were there and nothing seemed to be wrong with it, I’m 100% positive that the one I bought was a return. So someone bought it and opened it up, but than decided that they didn’t want it any more and took it back to the store. Now tons of TransFans who don’t already have one are either scouring their local stores looking for it or paying out the nose on eBay or whatever. Well I don’t care because it’s mine! Bwahahaha!

Earlier this week I also bought Transformers Universe Skywarp, a black and purple recolour of Beast Machines Jetstorm. He’s a very cool looking toy that has been selling out rather quickly. Here’s a pic of him alongside the Heroes of Cybertron version of his namesake.


If I could get my hands on the US exclusive Jhiaxus, then I’d have all the different recoloued releases of that toy. For some reason, accomplishing this goal is important to me.



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