March 28, 2004

Saturday Morphin’.

Got an interesting guestbook post from “Tai” recently, where it was exclaimed that “Transforers rule!!!!

Thank you for informing me of this. I, personally, perfer TransforMers over Transforers, but what do I know, right?

Yeah yeah, I kid. Guestbook posts are always welcomed and highly encouraged.

I’m finished work at Comic Book Masters for the time being so, and so my time away from the makeshift classroom has afforded me a luxury that far too many take for granted: Saturday Morning Television.

You know what I saw today? I saw something so horrifying it made my eyeballs burst from my skull like two overripe cherries.

I saw… Power Rangers.

Ok, I exaggerate. It wasn’t that bad. Some moments were actually fairly entertaining, I suppose. I caught the tail end of an episode of “Ninja Storm“, and what had to be the first episode of the new “Dino Thunder“, featuring the return of Tommy, the original Green Ranger. The episode was titled “Day of the Dino“. How clever. The production values certainly seem higher than Power Rangers did back in the day, and there was actually some sort of plot. Of course, I made fun of it anyway. I mean, when you’re introducing a character who’s wearing an all red soccer uniform, do you think that maybe, just maybe, he’ll be the new red ranger?

As is well known by know, my opinion on the original Sentai series isn’t much better. But there is a similar show that I’ve become a big fan of, and it’s currently available for free download. It’s called Chou SeiShin GranSazer, and it rocks. It takes a lot of the better elements of Power Rangers (the transformations, the robots, the fighting, and so on) and throws away a lot of the lame stuff. It doesn’t stick to one predictable formula either, and there’s a pretty epic story line. Good looking girls too. If you’re into Japanese live action like I am, check out a few episodes at TV-Nihon while you can and let me know on the board what you thought about it.

And, yeah, I watch the live action Sailor Moon series too. As a matter of fact, I watch it very carefully.



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