Yeah, I bought even more new Transformers this week.

Finally, I now have the chaos bringer!


Thanks to a tip I read on The Allspark, I was able to buy myself a planet eating god of destruction for a paltry $30 Canadian. The price tags on the shelf said that it was over twice the price, but the store computers at Wal-Mart told a different tale. It’s the black Energon version, not the orange Armada version (which I will probably buy later anyways), but now after wanting one for so long, I finally have Unicron, and he’s a big, bad, monster of a robot. So if you’re in Canada, check your local Wal-Mart because this excellent price is apparently in effect all over the country, though who knows for how long.


And just today, after searching all week, I got the brand new Transformers Universe Ramjet with four Minicons, exclusive to Toys R Us. And I bet I got it before it hit saturation in the US too, which is nice for a change. Some people complain that the Air Military Minicons are barely recoloured from their original release, but I don’t really care since they’re new to me. It’s a great value for what you’re getting.

I was hoping to finally get ahold of the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, since Wal-Mart has apparently got it for $50 Canadian now, which is a freakin’ unbelievable price, but I wasn’t able to find one there. It might seem like I’m spending a lot, but honestly I’m really behaving here. There’s so much new stuff coming out and so much more released a while ago that I didn’t get. I’m just picking up the few that I really like to keep pace with what’s out there.

If I were screaming rich, of course, I’d buy them all. Hmm, Maybe some day.



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