Yep, that’s right. Today in my e-mail I had the honor of receiving spam from Japan. I’ve gotten Korean, Russian, and Spanish spam, but only now have I gotten Japanese spam. Of course, it’s in Japanese, so I can’t read it. So let’s just see what Altavista Bablefish has to say about it.

Sale person net business representative Suzuki sand world address Kyoto city Saikyo Ku Shimotsu forest turn provision 100? 1 telephone 0774-55-7505 not yet acceptance announcement & this mail please transmit reception denial today they are age of information in the next mail address as a reception denial. Price is super low price with bulk sale! It does above current price 15 ten thousand Yen! Don’t you try leaping large? If it becomes that air, the money has fallen to the foot!

You know, you just hope and you hope that something like this is going to translate into something crazy, and in the end it just exceeds even your wildest expectations.

Don’t you try leaping large?” Well, I never really thought about it! What benefits does leaping large have?

If it becomes that air, the money has fallen to the foot!” THE foot? As in, The Foot Clan? Oh no! The money! What will the Ninja Turtles do if it becomes that air!

Priceless. I hate spam so much, but as far as I’m concerned, Japanese spam like this gets a free pass. Please transmit reception denial? No way! Price is super low price! Bring it on!



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