This weekend I was in the great state of Michigan. Was there to see family and so on, stuff that you’d probably not find very interesting. But I was able to make a trip out to Target to search for toys, which is a rare treat since that store does not have a presence in Canada. I left the store with this:

Spider-man 1

Amazing Spider-man!

This is no mere action figure. This guy is 18 inches tall, and has 67 points of articulation. He’s jointed right down to each individual knuckle. You can put this guy into some incredible Spidey poses. And he’s BIG. Even bigger than Unicron! See for yourself!

Spider-man 2

Ha ha, the Chaos Bringer looks like a chubby little child next to Spidey!

But I didn’t just buy him for the coolness factor alone. I think that this will make a great model to draw from in regards to poses and some anatomy.

Plus, he’s freakin’ Spider-man! You can’t beat that. Now they just need to make a Hulk figure in scale with Spidey here. Imagine the size of THAT!


There’s a big sale at Toys R Us this week. I took it this opportunity to pick up a Transformer that I’d been eyeing for a long time, but had yet to buy due to the price. But the price was knocked down almost in half, so I finally decided that the time was right to get the exclusive Air Attack Optimus Primal. He was a toy originally set for release under the Beast Machines line, but was cancelled and actually saw the light of day due to fan demand under Robots in Disguise packaging. He’s mostly accurate to his animated appearance (and I know all about that), very possable, massive in size, and actually has the voice of Gary Chalk. He says “The Seeds of the Future Lie Buried in the Past!“, but he says it in such a way as if he’s very frustrated that I didn’t learn this in school. He also makes several other sound effects, and is probably the noisiest Transformer they’ve ever made. The best part, though, is that the box says that he transforms into a “Supreme Gorilla“. Not just any gorilla, but a Supreme one! That’s freakin’ awesome. He’s a big bad monkey. Don’t mess with him.

Recent anime that I’ve been watching includes the following:

Shin Getter Robo 2004: Whoa, this came out of nowhere! I’m a big fan of Getter Robo and I had no idea that a new Getter show was on the way, but there it is. This series is unrelated to both the original 70’s Getter Robo and the 90’s Shin Getter Robo, but rather seems to be a new version of the story using the original Getter design as the prototype robot and the Shin Getter as the finished product. It has great animation, it’s very dark and a bit mysterious, and best of all, it’s violent as sin. The blood just flows like water in this show.

Tetsujin 28 Gou: WOW. Another remake of a classic anime, this one being a new version of the show known in English as Gigantor. Much like the new Astro Boy series, this show has some incredible high tech animation, but it’s still very grounded in the tradition of the original. The look and feel of the characters is very retro. Even the theme song is the same. It seems to be quite epic and has several World War II references. It’s a surprisingly refreshing show. The really unfortunate thing is that the original creator of Tetsujin 28 just recently passed away in a fire just as his creation was being revitalized.

Sensei no Ojikan: Very strange show about a class of weird students taught by a woman who looks like a 10 year old girl. The style of this show uses a lot of visual sound effects and random Japanese writings that appear out of nowhere. I’m not quite sure why I’ve been watching it, but it’s an interesting, albeit bizarre take on Japanese school life.

Megas XLR: Ok, this isn’t really an anime, it’s actually a Cartoon Network original series, but it has a lot in common with anime. It’s about this guy who finds a robot from the future in a junk yard and customizes it in crazy ways, similar to how some people have tricked-out cars. Then aliens go back in time to get it back and the chaos ensues. It’s a very funny, crazy, but clever show that parodies things like anime, Transformers, and video games, so people who are into this stuff are going to get a big kick out of it. It has yet to air in Canada, but I’m sure it will eventually.

That is all. Time to play with my monkey.


You know, sometimes I just don’t understand people. In fact, make that most of the time.

Case in point: Recent troublemakers on the message board. Somebody, for some reason that I am not privy to, has a problem with a member of the message board. So this person has decided to join the board in an effort to spread some of his idiotic brand of havoc.

Attempts have been made to treat this itchy Internet inflammation. But whenever I put a stop to it, a new account is made and I have to do it again. I have locked no less than 3 separate accounts in the past few days. In fact, I doubt that many of the board users realize that there’s a problem, because I’ve been able to take care of it before it really gets off the ground. And yet the stream of stupidity just keeps roaring along.

I don’t have time for this. It needs to stop. Now.

Look here, son, if you happen to be reading this. I don’t know who you are, nor do I care. I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, and I don’t care about you. I don’t know what the issue is that you have with a member of my board, and I don’t care about that either. Just keep it the hell off of my website. I’m not a part of this ridiculous feud of yours, and so there is no reason at all to bring it to my message board. I have warned you about this via e-mail, and I made myself very clear. But you keep signing up for new accounts, and I keep locking them. You WILL stop now.

Can’t this jackass take a hint? Is he really that stupid? Hey, moron, let me spell it out for you one more time: DON’T COME BACK! YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE!

I don’t know what do with this punk. Challenge him to a final showdown or something? I don’t want to deal with this anymore. It’s an inane waste of my time. This is just a never ending loop of incompetence, and I’m going to end it though any means necessary.

New members are always welcomed! New posts and topics are always welcomed! Idiots are not! You all can help make the message board a better place simply by posting, be it something new or a reply to an existing topic. It would make it all worthwhile for me if the board were to flourish like that.

But stupid people signing up to board just to bother someone else, and then constantly returning even though it’s been made painfully clear that they’re not wanted… that, I don’t need. And anyone who acts like that anyway WILL be punished in a completely ruthless, unfair, and bias manner.