This weekend I was in the great state of Michigan. Was there to see family and so on, stuff that you’d probably not find very interesting. But I was able to make a trip out to Target to search for toys, which is a rare treat since that store does not have a presence in Canada. I left the store with this:

Spider-man 1

Amazing Spider-man!

This is no mere action figure. This guy is 18 inches tall, and has 67 points of articulation. He’s jointed right down to each individual knuckle. You can put this guy into some incredible Spidey poses. And he’s BIG. Even bigger than Unicron! See for yourself!

Spider-man 2

Ha ha, the Chaos Bringer looks like a chubby little child next to Spidey!

But I didn’t just buy him for the coolness factor alone. I think that this will make a great model to draw from in regards to poses and some anatomy.

Plus, he’s freakin’ Spider-man! You can’t beat that. Now they just need to make a Hulk figure in scale with Spidey here. Imagine the size of THAT!



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