Got this thought provoking entry in my guestbook recently by a youngster by the name of “syko kid“.

omfg! rotlf!~ we soo go together like fries and vanilla icecream! we should be best friends, you know? i mean you artwork is so amazing and i could appreciate it for you! unlike some other dimwits on this guest book. also i could do homework for you, like english and suc h!
Wow. I have no idea what to make of that. It seems quite complementary so I can’t really make fun of it, but I can’t help but comment on the irony at work here. There’s no way in hell that I’d ever let anyone with typing this atrocious do my English homework for me, let along anything else involving a language of any sort. That’s hilarious. Besides, I don’t have homework. But thanks go out to my new best friend for checking out the site and signing the guestbook. Enjoy your fries and ice cream. rotlf!~

Saw this interesting bit of movie news while surfing around today.

Now, I didn’t read the book, and I know that often the Hollywood people will change things around when they make a movie, but this is ridiculous

‘Harry Potter’ Loses Potency Atop U.S. Box Office
Sunday June 13 2:21 PM ET
Harry Potter as a devout high-schooler who gets pregnant following an unsuccessful attempt to cure her boyfriend of homosexuality, has earned $3.7 million to date. The $5 million film was released by United Artists, a unit of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc .
Yes, that was real news. According to Yahoo it is, anyway. See for yourself.



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