Had a nice weekend out of town. It was a quick trip up north, but worthwhile. I returned home yesterday to read this wonderful recent guestbook entry from a chap by the name of Paul!

Hey,you suck.I visit your Page `cause i`ve searched some cool TF Arts.Google search has shown your Page.Well,i think it`s a good Work for an 8 Year old Child.But your comments are very arrogant.You have no talent to draw any Character.If it`s TF,X-Man or something.It`s sad but true.Your Work don`t fit at all.
Lucky for me, Paul actually left an e-mail address! Amazing! So, I’ll share with all of you what I just sent to him.


Hey Paul! Guess what? You suck too! You think that my work is good for an 8 year old child? Well, I’ve seen 8 year old children that can articulate themselves through writing much better than you. But then you say that I have no talent to draw any character, but that does not make any sense, Paul! You just said that my work is good for an 8 year old child, so that means that I do have talent, the talent of an 8 year old child who is good at drawing. Make up your mind, Pauly!

I don’t think that the comments in my Transformers art are very arrogant at all. If anything, I’m usually pretty hard on myself. I’m the first to point out when there’s something wrong, so I don’t know what you are talking about. Perhaps you are just making things up?

If you don’t like my style of artwork then that’s ok, it’s your opinion. But for you to say that I suck and my work don’t fit at all (what the hell does that even mean?) is just asinine. I’ll draw any character I want in any style that I want, and there’s nothing that you or anyone else can do about it!

Thanks for leaving these comments in my guestbook, Pauly-boy. And that’s especially for making them so ignorant and nonconstructive, because now I have something to make fun of and share with my fans. If you don’t like that then that’s too freakin’ bad, and hopefully you’ll learn that next time you don’t like someone’s artwork you’ll actually offer up an intelligent opinion instead of being stupid and rude.

In conclusion, bite me!


After that, I don’t think I’m out of line or being arrogant when I say that I rule. Believe it.



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