That’s right, it’s not just doom and gloom going on around here all the time. Some people who contact me after visiting my site do so because they actually want to tell me how much they like what I do! And it happens a lot more often then one would think, given how much attention I give to the HATErs out there. Well today I’m going to change that. Here’s a great e-mail I got last week that I’d like to share, not just in light of the previous bit of unpleasantness I had to deal with, but also because I really appreciated it. It’s from a young lady named Jessica.

Hey man I don’t know you, but I think your awesome. You’re really funny and your artwork is really cool and unique. For all the people with bad grammer that you’ve wonderfully pointed out on your site, I hope thy’re younger then me like 5 or something. I’m 13 and I like anime, especially yours because of how awesome it is. I try to draw it and I guess i’m okay, but like you said, it won’t get better unless you try so that’s what I do. I love insult sites like yours. Hope you write more soon.
Isn’t that nice? I thought so too.

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