I got a double dose of happiness from a single source, in both my guestbook and my e-mail, from a guy calling himself Jake. Let’s all read what nice things he had to say.

In my guestbook, this joyful little morsel was left.

Go home and die, freak.
Ah, short and sweet and to the point, hmm? What really makes it interesting is that he accompanied this piece of highly constructive criticism with a link to a website featuring clothing designed for pregnant women. Well, I guess everyone has a hobby.

And this delicious digital parcel was delivered to my e-mail box, also from my new best friend up there.

Hey retard, YOU SUCK. Your pathetic artistry does not even deserve to be shown to human eyes. Obviously, you display yourself as a moron who lives off of naked anime pictures and derives great pleasure of coloring your crap in a “special way” that makes it look just as bad. You may call it “SykoGrafix” or “GAYCRAP” or “what-I-pissed-out-today” but its still freaking CRAP. Instead of drawing retarded anime goth fodder, why don’t you GO OUT AND DRAW FOR REAL YOU ANAL SLAPYWAG.
Wow, isn’t that lovely? Of course, you know me, and I just can’t let comments like this slip by without being properly acknowledged, and so this was my reply.
Hello. Thanks for visiting SykoGrafix. I’m glad to read that you liked it so much. I’ll be sure to let you know when more of my pathetic artistry has been added to the gallery. You can expect to see much more retarded anime goth fodder in the future!

That’s a great website you have there, by the way. I didn’t know there were so many collectors of maternity clothing. Keep up the good work, I’m sure it’s very exciting. Though I have to admit that your “Go home and die” remark confuses me. I’m not sure what the point of telling someone to go home over the Internet is. As far as dying goes, that’s going to take awhile yet, but I assure you that it’s well underway.

A small note for you to consider, however. While your creativity in including the word(?) “Slapywag” is to be commended, perhaps people would be more receptive to your commentary if you were to leave out the unnecessary crude language and say something of actual importance rather than an idiotic barrage of 4th grade level insults with no constructive merit that makes you look like nothing more than a loudmouth drooling simpleton with diminished mental capacity. Just a thought.

In conclusion, bite me.


Just another day in the life of the electric blue ninja. Doesn’t it feel great to be loved?

Now, with all this said, these are the things that I need to know.

1) Who the hell are these people?

2) How the hell did they get here?

and finally..

3) What the hell is a “SLAPYWAG“?



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