September 11, 2004

Moronic Rage!

Geeze. My last weblog post a week ago was a response to more idiot hate mail, but it didn’t stop there. Oh no, not only did I hear back from dear old Jake, but other idiots have also decided to unleash their moronic rage in my direction.

One worthless attempt at insulting me that I’ve gotten a lot is people calling me gay. What the hell? Sorry, but last time I checked a calendar I happened to notice that this was the year 2004. Is that still even supposed to be an insult? Grow up! Well I’m sorry to put a monkey wrench in the plans of all these morons who are trying to make fun of me, but no, I am certainly not gay, and even if I was, so what? What does that have to do with anything here on my website? Nothing! In fact, isn’t this website plastered with images of cute girls? So, with that in mind, if you’re a male, and you come to this website and hate it so much that you feel compelled to send me a venom filled pile of puke that you think is an insult, then it begs the question…. Who’s really gay here?

And most recently I’ve gotten a nice little message that said “Shineh, Baka“. Ooooooh! Tough guy went and learned some rudimentary Japanese! Thanks for putting the “h” at the end of Shine so I wouldn’t read it like shine as in “Sunshine”. This came from someone who chooses to be known as ““. Yep, Dot Dot Dot. My, what a clever name. Is that something like The Artist Formally known as Prince? Well, Dot Dot Dot, all I have to say to you is…

Kutabare, yaro!

This is all wearing really thin, but still, it makes me laugh. I have no idea why I’m being bombarded by so much garbage from so many morons who have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say. But whatever it is that I did to piss so many people off, I’m certainly not sorry for it, and there isn’t a damn thing that anyone can do to stop me from doing what I want and saying what I want. If that bothers you, then that’s too freakin’ bad. If you have a problem with me, then try to say so without looking like an ignorant bully and embarrassing yourself by flinging pathetic insults that barely even make any sense.

Oh, and one more thing. Saying that your 10 year old brother or whoever else in your family can draw better than me is not an insult, so quit it. That doesn’t bother me, and if it’s true, then honestly I’m happy for them. God knows that these people already have it hard enough as it is being related to a dribbling troll, they don’t need any added pressure.

And to those who have taken the time to tell me how much the like my webpage, thank you very much. I really do appreciate it, and I promise to continue to fill this page with cool content, no matter what any of the loudmouth ignorant jackasses in the audience have to say about it. Believe that.



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