September 30, 2004

Enough is enough.

You know, I try to take the high road, but there’s only so much garbage that I can deal with before I have to say that enough is enough. I can’t just ignore this anymore, because this is completely ridiculous.

Yeah, Darcia, I’m talking about you, punk.

Darcia has been signing my guestbook with negative remarks. That in and of itself is not a problem, because I’ve dealt with such things before and that’s well documented. The problem with Darcia is that he’s often insisted on using extremely crude language, and since kids also visit this webpage, I can’t tolerate that. And since these comments of his did nothing but insult me personally without actually saying anything about my webpage, which is what guestbook are actually supposed to be for, I simply deleted them and paid them no mind. People can say those things about me if they want, but to do so in a public place using swearing where kids can see it, that I have no choice to erase.

But it didn’t stop. Darcia had nothing better to do then to visit my site several times a week for the sole purpose of spamming my guestbook with his softmoric antics. I suppose he was offended that I actually ignored him. It seemed like every single day I’d have to delete another piece of Darcia’s derogatory filth. And it just kept rolling in! Now it’s gone so far that Darcia, who despite his girlish name continues to insist for whatever reason that he is a male, has told me that I will die if I delete his posts. Yeah, he actually said that I’ll die. Big man! So, fine. Screw it. If Darcia wants everyone to see how big of an idiot he is, I’ve left his latest musings intact for the entire world to observe. He’s wishing death upon me because he doesn’t like my website. Wow, logic at its finest!

Though he did eventually wind up saying something about the content on this website. He said that he could draw better than me by shoving a pencil up his ass and drawing with his butt. Interesting technique, but personally I prefer using my hand with the pencil. Good luck with that though.

But even though I didn’t delete two of his posts, he still came back! So if flat out ignoring this moron isn’t going to work, then I guess I’ll just have to apply some blunt force. So here’s an open letter to Darcia.

All right Darcia…. can I call you Darci? All right Darci, I know you are reading this. This is where it ends. I don’t know you. I have no idea who you are. I have done nothing to you. I have said nothing about you. I have no idea why you are so insistent in repeatedly insulting me, but it’s absolutely pathetic. You’re making yourself look like a fool. Stop wasting my time, and stop publicly embarrassing yourself, Darci.

Darci, I’m calling you out. I’m an easy guy to find. My e-mail address is, and that’s no secret. Whatever problem you’ve got with me, and with the lengths that you are going, it had better be a doozy, you just e-mail me and I’ll respond. But stay the hell off of the guestbook.

Darcia, if you really are man like you insist you are, you’ll face me like a man. Stop prancing around like a coward and show yourself. E-mail me whatever crap you have to say, and use a real address, don’t hide behind a fake. If you really hate me that much, then let’s settle this once and for all.

Honestly Darci, your actions beg the question: If you don’t like me, and you don’t like this website, then why the hell do you visit it every day? Just to see if I’m saying anything about you? Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve got what you want. Now give me what I want and stay the hell away from my website. If you still insist on flinging your crap like a primate, then stand by your statements and send me an e-mail. I’ll be waiting, tough guy. Bring it!



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