October 6, 2004

Consider the Matter Closed.

Well, it’s been several days since I threw the gauntlent down, and Darcia, that craftiest of all foes (ha ha), has still refused to answer my challenge and send me an e-mail explaining he reasoning behind his constant barrage of crude unprovoked insults. What a shame.

Instead he insisted that I be the one to e-mail him, even though he was the one with so much to say that he visits my website with the sole intent of harassing me several times a day. The best excuse he could come up with was “Ladies first“. Oh, please. That’s like saying “Oh yeah, we’ll … you’re actually a girl!” Ha ha. Good one. What’s next? Are you going to call me a “doodoo head“? And besides, like anyone is ever going to belive that a dirty little clod like you would ever try to be polite.

I can’t say that I am surprised that he wouldn’t stick up for himself like I told him to. After all, it should be blatantly obvious to everyone that he is a coward. But due to my morbid curiosity, I have to admit that I am a little bit disappointed. What can I say, I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

It’s too bad that we couldn’t find a way to work this out, Darcipants. I gave you the opportunity to present your case in a proper manner, but your unwavering insistence on complete and utter ignorance has made that impossible. I suppose that it’s just as well, since I have no doubt that the level of conversation you would provide couldn’t be much higher than that of an oxygen deprived infant scribbling on the walls of their parents’ living room with a blunt yellow crayon. After all, that’s a fairly apt analogy of what you’ve been doing in my guestbook so far.

I gave you your little moment in the sun, and I even went so far as to give you the chance to immortalize your stupidity forever, but still you cower like the pitiful little creature you are, only emerging to attempt to insult me. So, I am finished with this. As far as I am concerned, The Supreme Lord Master Darcia no longer exists. I will no longer speak of this again. You are dead to me now, Darci. And how ironic is that, when you are the one who started all of this by saying that you hope I will die, just because you didn’t like my website. Well, you’re going to have to do a lot more than hope if you want me to die so badly, because I’m not going anywhere any time soon, and the obscenity-laced spam of an inbred little brat is going to do nothing to change that. But before I end this for good, I have to thank you, Marcia. Thank you for unabashedly verifying everything that I’ve ever said about you and other people like you. Now everyone knows you’re an idiot, and you’ve proven that I’m a better man than you. Congratulations!

Goodbye forever, Darcikins. But don’t fret to much, I’m sure we’ll finally get to know each other when I see you in Hell. I’ll be the guy jabbing you in the spine with a pitchfork.



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