October 20, 2004

The Spanish Ninjatron!

I got this great little e-mail today.

You are like me!!! My nick is NinjaTron too and i like the same things!! xDDD

This is a mail in spanish.

Hola al leer tu perfil me he dado cuanta de que aparte del nick grab parte de tus gustos y aficiones son semejantes a las mias, por ejemplo mi acotr favorito tambien es jackie chan y me encantan las tortugas ninja, tambien me encantan las pelis de kung fu ( lo practico ) y bueno como ya he dicho me parezco mucho a ti xDD me ha hecho gracia, un saludo.
How about that? There’s a Spanish version of me out there! Now, I don’t really speak Spanish, so I’ll have to resort to using the great Bablefish for translation to see what he actually has to say.
Hello when reading your profile I have occurred to whatever of which aside from nick grab part of your tastes and likings are similar to mias, for example favorite my acotr also is jackie chan and they enchant the turtles to me ninja, also they enchant pelis to me of kung fu (I practice it) and good since already I have said I seem to you xDD much has made me grace, a greeting.
Umm, ok. Well obviously Bablefish isn’t much better at Spanish then I am, but I get the jist of it. I quite enjoy that “they enchant the turtles to me ninja” part.

So here is my reply.

Hello. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope that you enjoyed it. I’m happy to hear from the Spanish version of myself. If you are also named Ninjatron, then it makes a lot of sense that we should like the same things. I’m sure that means that you are a very cool person then. My Spanish is not very good. but please visit my site again sometime anyway.
Well, of course I can’t just leave it like that, so I’ll translate it into Spanish!
Hola. Gracias por visitar mi Web site. Espero que usted gozara de Ć©l. I’m feliz oĆ­r de la versiĆ³n espaƱola de me. Si tambiĆ©n le nombran Ninjatron, despuĆ©s hace los muchos de sentido que debemos tener gusto de las mismas cosas. I’m seguro que medios que usted entonces es una persona muy fresca. Mi espaƱol no es muy bueno sino visita por favor mi sitio otra vez alguna vez de todos modos.
Hmmm, but I wonder what will happen if I translate the translation back into English? Let’s find out!
Hello. Thanks to visit my Web site. I hope that you enjoyed him. Happy I’m to hear of the Spanish version me. If also they name Ninjatron him, later it does many of sense that we must have taste of the same things. Safe I’m that average that you then are a very fresh person. My Spanish is not very good but he visits my site please again sometimes anyway.
That’s right, the Spanish Ninjatron is a very fresh person. OlĆ©!

Now I wonder if there is a German Ninjatron too.



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