October 25, 2004

Null and Void.

Well, my main computer is screwed up again. I’m posting on the machine I usually just use for Photoshop and the like. Windows won’t even start anymore on the other one. I suppose I could try to repair the damage, but there have been some issues with it for awhile now and I’ll probably just wind up ripping out the hard drive, backing up all my files, and then reformatting the thing and installing fresh. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a few weeks, but now I actually have a reason to. But that means that my planned update for this month may not happen like I wanted it to. Oh well.

So I’m back at work at Comic Book Masters. I’m only teaching one class this time, Anime Round 1. I was disappointed that Anime Round 4 did not go ahead as planned, but the numbers are fairly low for everyone’s classes this time around. My class is fairly small, but it seems like it’ll be an interesting session this time around. Two students are 16 years old, which is great because the older students seem to get more out of the class and take things more seriously. Another student, an 11 year old boy, said that his favorite show is Robotech, which thrilled me to no end as an old school anime fan. So I enjoyed teaching the first lesson and it was great to talk with people who actually appreciate what I do after several months of dealing with idiots and jackasses over the Internet.

Speaking of which, this comes from Mark:

Yo mama. This site sucks a fatty. Eat a fart. A fat fart. You dummy face head. And poopy on you.
Charming. You know, I could sit here all day and talk about how many different reasons why this “Mark” is an idiot and his opinion is null and void, but in all honesty there’s no reason to do that. It would be redundant. Mark has done a fine job of proving that he’s an idiot all by himself, so I have no reason to even bother acknowledging him any further.

And from Sean:

Yes, I agree with Mark. He’s a very wise man. You should take his advise. And that is simply telling you…to… Eat poop and stop drawing. Because you suck. Thank you fo your time, and have a wonderful day!!!.
No, I do not agree with Mark. He is not a very wise man, he is a trolling punk and you are obviously his friend who he has put up to agreeing with him. I will not take his advice. I will not eat poop. I will not stop drawing. I do not suck. I refuse your gratitude for my time, and I will not have a wonderful day if I don’t want to. Go to Hell. That is all.



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