November 17, 2004

Don’t be a Gun.

Finally, after years of delays, the Special Edition DVD of the spectacular animated film “The Iron Giant” is available today.

Words can not express how much I love this movie. It’s easily one of the best animated movies to be released within the past 10 years. It’s an all ages movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s a kiddie movie. It’s just as thrilling and gripping to an adult as it is to kids. There’s no singing animals or dancing teacups, it’s just a solid movie that happens to be animated.

I remember seeing it when it first came out. Aside from my dad, my sister, and myself, the theater was pretty much empty. I left thinking what a shame it was that only a handful of people turned out to see such an amazing film. Sure enough, when the box office results came in later that weekend, The Iron Giant was buried in 8th place. How sad. Warner Bros. did very little to promote their own product. But the movie’s reputation would spread over time. When it was released to video, I was working at a video store and did my best to use my position of authority over the masses of pop-movie consumers to make sure that everyone knew how great that movie is. Nowadays most people who know what they’re talking about know how great this movie is, but it’s still largely unknown to the general public.

There has been a standard DVD available for quite some time, but it was a barebones release. The promised Special Edition was constantly pushed back and was released now in order to capitalize on director Brad Bird’s new movie, “The Incredibles“. It shouldn’t have taken so long to get here, but it’s here now. So if you love animation, hell, if you just love good movies, then go and show your support for this underrated gem of a film and check this movie out.

Everyone should see this movie. Everyone. Don’t be a gun. Watch it.



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