March 14, 2005

Young Artist Battle.

This weekend was the final lesson of my Anime Round 2 class. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it went. The students, for the most part, took the material seriously, which made my job a lot easier because I’ve dealt with a few classes in the past with students who were more interested in goofing around than actually drawing anything. The course, on the whole, isn’t as much fun as Round 1 or 3, but the material is more important in the long run, so it was great to have a group that saw it the same way. Granted, some of them still have a long way to go, but I think everyone’s much better off than they were when they first started. There was a lot of improvement there.

There were these two kids, however, that are an interesting case. Two brothers, one of whom is very young, the other not much older. They jumped in during the middle of the fall session, so right off the bat they missed out on several important lessons that they’ve never been caught up with. Then they suddenly appeared at the start of this winter’s session without anyone knowing that they’d be there. I don’t think they ever arrived on time for class even once, so that was frustrating to deal with. Their mother would often ask me if they were behaving, worried that they’d start fighting like they do at home, but things never got out of hand. Most of the time they just worked on their own drawings and didn’t really care about anything I had to tell anyone, but since they weren’t bouncing off the walls or anything, I didn’t complain as not to upset the balance of the classroom. But their drawings were surprisingly very clean for their ages. I have no idea if they are going to be coming back for the next session, so when the younger of the two started talking about how he and his brother fight each other, I decided I’d have a little fun and encouraged the younger lad to fight back as hard as he could. Ahh, good times. They both seen to have a genuine interest in drawing, so I wonder what will happen with them.

So now I am off for the next month or so until I start teaching again in the Spring. Hopefully I’ll be teaching two classes at that point, Anime Round 3 with returning students and Anime Round 1 with new students. Until then I’ve got some other work to do, and while I’m sure to enjoy the break, I’m sure that I’ll be itching to get back at it again in no time.



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