Earlier this week I finally finished watching the fansubbed episodes of Transformers Super Link, the Japanese version of the show we know as Energon. I’ve had these episodes for awhile, but I hadn’t felt up to investing the time to finish watching the series. But with TransformersCon coming up and me running the fan panel on the night before I wanted to see the whole thing and have it fresh in my mind, so I started watching from the beginning.

As I watched the series, and especially as I neared the end, I just could not believe that so many people have said that they don’t like it. It boggles my mind that anyone, especially Transformers fans, could hate this show. This show rocked on so many levels! Now that I’ve seen the entire series from start to finish, I can honestly say that this is far and away the best Transformers show ever. Yeah, you read that right. Best ever. Better than Beast Wars, and much, much better than Generation 1.

Super Link has everything I’d ever want in a Transformers show. Great characters, amazing battles, internal conflict, metaphor, symbolism, everything. Even the main human character, Kicker, was not annoying! The way that characters like Ironhide (Roadbuster) and Scorponok (Mega Zarak) grew and changed through the series due to various circumstances was masterfully done, and even characters with smaller roles, like Landmine, had a little quip here or there that cemented who they were and what they were all about. It was a huge epic with different messages about knowing ones place as a part of team, obeying orders for the right reasons, and doing everything one can to accomplish a goal even if it seems insignificant. Not morals per say, but different, and often contradictory, interpretations of messages like these that aren’t going to try and change anyone’s life around, but are there nonetheless. The ending was mind blowing and very emotionally draining. Far from simple kids’ stuff.

It’s too bad that people have been turned off by the English dub, but I can’t accept that. If you don’t like the dub, seek alternatives! Fansubs have been available from TV-Nihon. If you just can’t stand anime, grow up! Anime is here to stay and Transformers has always had more of a connection with anime than it does to North American animation, so get used to it already. If you hated Armada, suck it up and watch this show anyway. There’s no excuse. But hey, those people who call themselves Transformers fans but refuse to watch this show, it’s their loss! Most people like that just want G1 all over again. Well Super Link is not G1, and thank Primus for that!

I really hope that there are other folks coming to TransformersCon who loved Super Link as much as I did, because I really can’t wait to discuss the show at the fan panel on the Friday before. This weekend, YTV will be airing the final 4 episodes of Energon, as well as the classic Transformers The Movie, so we should all be caught up with show after that.

As for me, I’m moving on to the new show, Galaxy Force! As Alpha Q would say “Something cool might happen again!



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