April 1, 2005

Today is a sad day.

You know, over the years, I’ve taken my fair share of criticism. Some of it deserved, perhaps, but much of it being nothing more than poorly constructed filth from people I have absolutely no interest in pleasing anyway. And the way I tend to deal with such criticism is no secret. I make fun of them, and have a damn good time doing it. But, doing so has also subjected me to even more criticism from people who are offended by that. So the disgusting comments just keep on coming, like pressurized sludge from a broken sewer pipe, and I am forced to choke on it all.

Well that’s enough. I’m not bulletproof. I’m just a man. I have feelings too, and there is only so much of this that I can take. For awhile, I thought that I could handle it, but now I know that I can’t. I just got this e-mail from someone called “Monkey401“.

OMG ur art is so sux! i hate this websiet!!!1 its teh worse sote ive evre seen! u shoud leran to draw u bastard how come y hav eto draw so crappy dawg. stop drawign stupid ANIME amd draw forr eal!! but i bet u cant eevn do that becasue u jsut suck so bad . jsut quit rite now shut thsi webiste down forever stop waching POKEMAN and just go away u sick freak bcuz no1 caeres about stupdi crap anime drawnigns! WTF this site is so gay! i will get all my freinds together and shut thsi site down if u dont! IDIOT NINJA U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that’s it then. I can’t deal with this anymore. You win. All of you guys who have been saying bad things about me, you all win. I’m going to take my site down sometime before the end of this week. I’ve never wanted to offend anyone, so if someone hates my site so much that they feel compelled to write that, then I guess it’s better if I just go away, never to be seen again. After opening this e-mail, I realize that life is too short to waste on things I enjoy like drawing and websites. Maybe it’s finally time for me to just grow up.

So, it’s over. I’m calling it quits. Anyone who wants to try to contact me for whatever reason had better do so soon before I torch this dump forever. You can try to talk me out of it if you want, but I doubt it’ll work.

It’s been real.



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