Yeah, so if you haven’t figured it out on your own by now, yesterday’s post was a complete fabrication. I made the whole thing up!


As if all that text being underneath the date of April 1st wasn’t enough of a give away, I inserted a few other Easter eggs. “Monkey401” is not a real person. The “401” in his name means April 1st. The e-mail I said he supposedly sent me was in fact written by me, and is essentially the written equivalent of an over-the-top campy actor hamming it up. Though I did try very hard to make it seem like an authentic idiot e-mail, like I do get from time to time, I purposely overplayed the part to have some more fun with it. Heh heh. Besides, everyone should know by now that I’d never get depressed over something like that. Come on, “stop waching POKEMAN and just go away u sick freak bcuz no1 caeres about stupdi crap anime drawnigns!“, That’s just hilarious!

The major clue comes from this sentence:

After opening this e-mail, I realize that life is too short to waste on things I enjoy like drawing and websites.”

You can see that a few letters seem arbitrarily bolded for no apparent reason. Well if you took those bold letters and stuck them together in the order which they appear, you’d get…


Besides that, it should be pretty obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention that I’d never seriously say a sentence like that.

It’s been real.” Yeah, right. I don’t talk like that either. Unless I’m being sarcastic.

Ahh yes, and then there was “Adios!” replacing my trademark “Sayonara“. By that point something should have seemed off and everyone should have known that I was just being silly.

So there you have it. The whole thing was just some dark humor on April Fools day, mostly at my own expense. To those who were not fooled, good for you! And to those who where upset about me not drawing anymore and shutting this place down, don’t worry. I’m not going away. I’m not taking my site down. I’m not going to stop drawing. I’m not going to stop watching POKEMAN. I’m never growing up. I’ll still be right here on SykoGrafix, drawing, colouring, writing my stuff, kicking ass, and making fun of stupid people from here until the end of time. Count on it.

Oh, and to anyone who was actually happy when I said that I was just going away, never to be seen again, this is all I have to say to you:




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