I’ve been getting a lot of spam from websites advertising online poker. The strange thing is that they keep coming through my contact page! It’s rather annoying when I get an e-mail that seems to be about my website and ends up being an obnoxious piece of spam trying to get me to gamble all my money away. But, from a certain standpoint, these e-mails are rather fascinating. Let’s take a look. Here some text that has the unenviable task of trying to convince me that playing poker on the Internet is something that I should be doing.

Do you know the origin of the famous brand Empire Poker? Let me explain it to you. Nowadays it is generally acknowledged fact that the game of poker appeared in ancient Rome. The notorious emperor Caligula was a famous gambler. But at those times they played for slaves as chips were invented many centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire.
Wow! How enlightening! The connection to slavery really makes me want to play poker! Then I can be just like Caligula!

Here’s another one. This one is awesome. Taste the ENGRISH!

The super path to begin to get true real money is come onto free poker NOW! free poker the really best rest time thousands-player poker, live, whole day without rest, whole week without time-out! free poker is very fast method to successful and pleasure. Hundreds fans communicate to free poker constantly.
Of course! The super path! The best rest time is to play thousands-player poker the whole day without rest! It makes perfect sense! It’s the very fast method to successful and pleasure, after all!

I don’t play poker. I’ve never played poker. I have no interest in poker. And I especially have no interest in giving any of my money to the Russian Mafia.



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