I’m teaching again. First class was this past Saturday. The past 2 sessions in the fall and winter were pretty slow and I only had one class in each of them, but now this time I’ve got two classes. I’ve got a Anime Round 1 class with at least 5 people (and hopefully more should some tag-alongs decide to sign up), and enough people returned to take Round 3 to justify running it. So as far as my classes go, I’m doing all right, but the numbers for everyone are pretty low this time. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t actually sign up ahead of time, they just suddenly appear on the first day and expect to be taught. So we have no idea how things are going to go until the end of the day, and even then things can change. I think that we ultimately ended up doing ok, it’s just shame that we have to start off each session with a big question mark.

My Round 1 class seems like a really interesting bunch so far. I had a great time with them. Much more of an enthusiastic bunch then I typically get on the very first day. They asked a lot of questions and were really excited about being there and learning about anime. They seemed to really like me, so I’m looking forward to teaching them more.

When I was done teaching for the day, I went and bought a bunch of used games for the GameCube. $80 CDN got me 4 games, which is a pretty good deal where I’m standing. One of the games I got is Soul Caliber 2. Wow! This game freakin’ rocks! I can’t belive it’s taken me so long to play this game, but I’m glad I’m playing it now because I’m really enjoying it. And it doesn’t hurt that the girls in this game are really something else! Taki is one red hot ninja babe! Plus, it’s got Link! Link rules in this game. Speaking of Link, I also got the Legend of Zelda Collectors Set, with the 2 NES Zelda games and the 2 N64 Zelda Games on 1 disk. Aside from toying around a little back in the day, I’ve never really played them before, and I have no idea if I’ll ever bother to even play all the way through all 4 of those Zelda games, but since it wasn’t made to be sold in stores, it’s nice to have for the sake of posterity anyway.

So between my new classes, my new games, some new stuff I’m working on for the site, and a few other suprises, I’m finding ways of keeping myself pretty busy.



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