People still take my pictures. I’ve taken several steps to prevent it, but it still happens and I’m really sick of it.

The worst offenders, by far, are Street Fighter fans. I’ve seen images from my Street Fighter Alpha Anime DVD review all over the place, and nobody cares that they are stealing from me. Not only are those images hosted on my webspace, making it bandwidth theft, but they are also DVD captures that I took using my own DVD and my own DVD playing software and spent a good long time going through, sorting out, and resizing. That’s a lot of hard work and I don’t appreciate so many people trampling all over me and taking advantage of what I have done to serve their own ends without the slightest bit of gratitude being sent my way. I’m not saying I don’t want people to look at those pictures, but the idea behind it all was for people to read the article and look at the pictures and then stay on the website and look around some more and perhaps tell me what they thought about it. Instead my website is just being harvested for pictures with no regard for the content. I would love to do some original Street Fighter artwork but I know it’d just end up getting stolen.

Some people are pretty brazen about it too. I recently found someone’s weblog that had a few of my pictures from another article I wrote. Underneath them it said “Pictures stolen from despite their best efforts to stop me” or something like that. Geeze, way to be a jackass about it! There was a link included so I didn’t make a fuss about it, but still, that was pretty much a spit in the face.

But it doesn’t end there. It’s not just the pictures that people might actually find interesting that get stolen. Even things like my guestbook title image find there way onto several peoples’ crappy personal websites. I don’t get it! It says “guestbook”, but it’s part of my design so it doesn’t even look good in anyone else’s webpage! Just recently I found my guestbook image on some chick’s website that had a bunch of pictures of her in a bikini. She was alright but not nearly hot enough for me to turn a blind eye to her bandwidth theft.

The weirdest thing is when people ask me where they can find certain pictures since I don’t want people taking my images. Like how the hell am I supposed to know? Here’s a good place to get some pictures: The Internet! Just don’t steal from other websites and you sure as hell better not steal from me, because if you do I will find you and I will get you.



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