Apparently, an earlier post I made about how angry I get when people steal my pictures is offensive to some people! Gasp!

Apparently, this post means that I am complaining so much! Wow!

Apparently, when people are looking for pictures, they don’t care where they get them from, so that should make it OK for people to steal from me! Shock!

Apparently, I’m wrong to feel this way because I’m acting like these are my own personal images that I drew, even though I have seen people take my drawings without asking and put them up on their websites without any sort of credit to me. Heinous!

Apparently, since these are all just screenshots that were uploaded, it should be ok for other people to steal my bandwidth and use them without permission, despite all of the hard work I spent on taking these screenshots and writting the text that goes with them! Scandal!

Apparently, because I have chosen to express my displeasure over being stolen from, I am whining like a little girl. Insult!

Apparently, I should actually be grateful that people steal from me so much! Hooray!

Apparently, I should stop complaining about it. Demanded!

Well, apparently, some people don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Owned!

I’ll stop complaining about people stealing from me when people stop stealing from me. It’s just that simple! But since I’m apparently supposed to be happy about my hard work being disrespected and trounced upon by people who don’t even know the most simple and basic rules of etiquette, I should just sit here with a smile on my face and allow everyone to take advantage of all the effort that I put into making this website as original and entertaining as it is.

This is not a new problem, it’s been going on for years. I could have been complaining all this time, and I’d have been well within my right to do so, but I didn’t. Now this outright theft has gotten completely out of hand and I want it to stop. This is my property we’re talking about and this is my website, so I have every right to use my website to say how much it pisses me off when people abuse my property. If people can’t deal with that, well then, apparently, they need to get real and look at the big picture here.

Stealing is wrong. I don’t care if everyone is stealing from everyone else on the Internet. Don’t steal from Ninjatron. It’s really easy. Just don’t do it.



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