August 10, 2005


I have nothing to write about right now, but I am not content to simply write nothing. So I just came up with this.

Most people who own weblogs will, at some point, post an entry composed of lyrics from a song that somehow represent the way they are feeling at the time. Usually the song is some kind of dark and angsty thing, detailing how miserable life is or some other such nonsense.

I have recently realized that I have never done this in my weblog. Gasp! Perhaps, if this is indeed what so many other people believe weblogs are for, then I should remedy this startling oversight.

Now, I’m not much of a music guy, and I couldn’t possibly care any less about anything the music video channel has to say, but as far as dark and angsty goes, I’ve got you all beat! Since I know little of the ways of popular music, nor would I ever care to, I am limited in my choice of songs that I know with lyrics that can truly articulate the complicated emotions that I am feeling right now. But I have picked one that I think is appropriate. Please take note of the subtle subtext. Enjoy.

Harvey, Harvey!
Harvey the Wonder Hamster!
He doesn’t bite and he doesn’t squeal,
He just runs around on his hamster wheel!
Harvey, Harvey,
Harvey the Wonder Hamster!

Yes, I feel much better now. Thanks goes out to Mr. Yankovic, a true visonary of our times.



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