September 11, 2005


For some reason, I have found a lot of strange things recently. See for yourself.

Creepy Plastic Simpsons Figures.

Creepy Simpsons

Where did these come from? I don’t know, but these Bart and Maggie figures were just lying around for some reason. They’re fairly small and well made, but something weird happened in the transition from animated characters to 3 Dimensional objects. Look at those freaky-deaky eyes!

Creepy Simpsons
Aye Carumba!



This house is infested with Smurfs! How can this be? Do people really even like Smurfs this much? Why are they here? Furthermore, what are Smurfs supposed to be? Why do they exist? How can they exist? What purpose do they serve in the universe? These are all things I would probably be better off not knowing.

A Rebellious Oreo.

Bizarro Oreo.

Look at that! Can you see? This is an Oreo cookie, one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, but something has gone terribly wrong! One side of this cookie is inside out! The chocolate wafter is improperly attached to the cream filling by the textured side that is supposed to be facing outwards, creating a deformed mutation Oreo! What an incredible discovery. Aren’t there supposed to be people who are paid to make sure irregularities such this do not reach the customer? Perhaps this is an anti-establishment Oreo. An anarchist Oreo. An evil clone Oreo. The Bizarro Oreo!

Despite it’s apparent malignance, it tasted the same as any other Oreo. Delicious.

Such an odd string of strange objects. I can only hope that more oddities will appear to challenge my already dubious perceptions of reality.



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