September 17, 2005

You Say You Want a Revolution.

Well, I know *I* do.

I’ve often talked about how the video game industry has become stagnant and boring and how the hardcore gaming culture offers me very little. Well it’s looking like Nintendo is, once again, going to try to challenge all that. The controller for the upcoming video game system known as “Revolution“, once shrouded in secrecy, was unveiled at a gaming show in Japan this past week, and it’s got the world buzzing.

Looking more like a DVD remote control than a traditional video game controller, this motion sensitive little number is way different than anything else on the market. Thus it looks like it’s going to introduce brand new ways to play video games, which is exactly what the business needs right now. I, for one, applaud Nintendo for going way outside the box, and for making such an incredibly polarizing move to distinguish themselves from the competition (who both seem content to release pretty much the same stuff they’ve already been giving us).

I’ll tell you this right now though. This controller sure is different and time will tell if different is good or not. But at this point, when it’s this different, it sure is exciting.



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