September 22, 2005

I Hate Poker.

Yeah. Poker sucks.

For the past several weeks my inbox has been overrun with poker related spam. I’ve just been dumped on by this garbage and I’m really sick of it. I can’t ignore it and I can’t block it outright because it all comes though this website. I’ve taken several measures to block spam from being sent to me through the site, but these jerks keep changing the way they do things so some of their spam still slips through the cracks. I know that this must be sent via automated spiders, but I swear it’s as if they are targeting me directly because they seem to stay one step ahead of what I do to try to stop this nonsense. And nonsense is exactly what it is. There’s always some random text that looks as if it’s all been written by 3 year olds! Some of it is unrelated to anything, and some just doesn’t make any sense! Get a load of these examples.

It was opened without loss of time. I will try, sir, but I seem mad. Two men play together.
What the hell is this? I don’t want to read about two men playing together!
Online games are very dangerous to your helth. To prove this you should teach.
Are you kidding me? They’re trying to get me to play online poker by telling me it’s dangerous? Yeah, great marketing, genius.
Its far from clear whether mdma usage lead to refusing to get pleasure from gambling session (PO as an example). Time will come and you will see that joy in your eyes changes to fear and pain.
What the bloody hell does this even mean? Is this supposed to be deep? Because I’m just confused.
Wake up at he morning, eat and so on and go to the work. This is not a proble in the present. Why? Because you can play texas hold’em online
I was always puzzled what “Lanyon” means, is it related to poker somehow?
How in the hell should I know?
Poker is one og the gmabling game. Online leyword doesn’t matter.
Obviously not, stupid guy!
Important legal notices. Europe is not a country, It is kind of meta country, thouse happy peoples could play poker every day and every night.
WHAT??? Europe is not a country or a meta country. It’s a continent! It’s a lot of countries! Jackass.
The start of the huge work. And we already should plan a timeouts for the rest, both physical and mental, for mental one you need some gambling material and texas holdem is a good example.
Oh, so now it’s good for your health? Go to hell!
The magic lantern flickers and smokes, and the twisted face still shimmers on the screen. Bill said, draining four fingers neat of Old Kidney Killer and held his glass out for more.” And I should note, that in any cases, internet poker is very stupid couple to make.
Arrrrrg!!! You are a very stupid couple to make! You are! Now this doesn’t even make any sense either! I’m starting to write like poker spam! Arrrrrrg!!!

Bloody hell to this garbage! I don’t care about poker! I hate poker! Great job trying to get me to play poker, spamming guys. You have failed. You have completely and utterly failed. In fact, not only have you failed in your attempt at making me play your idiotic online poker games, but now I shall forever harbor a deep seeded hatred in my being for poker! I will never play poker. I will never watch poker on TV. So long as I live, I swear, I want nothing to do with poker.

Poker sucks!

There. I feel better now.



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