September 27, 2005

Not so Jolly After All.

This weekend I did the stupidest thing ever.

While I was doing tome digital painting I was enjoying some hard candies. Jolly Ranchers.

I had already finished a few when I unwrapped a new one and popped it in my mouth. Soon afterward it somehow accidently lodged itself in my throat. There was nowhere for it to go but down.

I swallowed the whole bloody thing.

I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s just dissolve in my stomach. Nope, no such luck.

It was all jagged and rectangular. It hurt so much!

Now it’s not going away without a fight.

I’ve been feeling all sick and run down ever since. All because of one little candy.

How embarrassing.

So, take my advice. Don’t swallow Jolly Ranchers hard candies straight out of the wrapper. It’s just a bad idea all around.



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