October 26, 2005

More Than Meets my Wallet.

I bought a lot of Transformers this week.


If you haven’t heard by now, Toys R Us in Canada is having a sale on the basic sized Transformers Energon and Cybertron figures. They’re half price all this week. So I bought… six. Yeah. Six. There’s Scattorshot, Overhaul, Clocker, Ransack, Hardtop, and the Minicons.

More Transformers

I was also lucky enough to find a few toys at the usual unlikely special place I often find toys in. They were all at discounted prices. Really happy to get Scorponok, since I’ve really been wanting to find one at a decent price. Quickstrike is another cool one, a big red helicoptor, and he’ll probably end up being one of the rarer pieces from the Energon line. Sixshot, Wing Saber, and Universe Tankor and Obsidian round out the bunch. A lot of swag for not a lot of cash. It’s been awhile since I’ve scored a big haul like this, and the timing was right. I am pleased.


October 20, 2005

Anime is Illegal in Canada!

This is pretty damn funny.

Isn’t mainstream journalism just so totally awesome? Who needs important things like “facts” when we can have broad, generalizing statements of dubious accuracy?


October 17, 2005

Bat Disks.

Batman is pretty cool. I like Batman well enough. I didn’t like him when I was a kid, but when the Animated Series came around I changed my tune. This I am not ashamed to say. So, I thought that Batman Begins was a great movie. It’s coming out on DVD this week and I will likely own it at some point.

But also coming out on DVD are brand new releases for the other Batman movies. Do I really want these? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I don’t really like them. Any of them. I mean, everyone knows that Batman and Robin is just god-awful and I really don’t want to talk about why because I’ll just keep going and get all riled up. But even the first one I don’t really like that much. I mean, it’s pretty good for what it is and what it was at the time, but it didn’t really do all that much for me. Even watching it in recent years after developing more of an appreciation for both Tim Burton’s cinema and the character of Batman, I still don’t like that movie very much. I was never fond of the idea of The Joker being the killer of the Waynes, so I can’t get past that and the movie didn’t excite me otherwise. Batman Returns is a bit more interesting to me, but only because it has this weird quirky style to it. But it still didn’t grab me. Batman Forever is just a bizarre mess. Batman and Robin is truly terrible, but at least it had some potential to be a somewhat decent film if more people had cared about making it into one (which is the major reason why I hate the movie so). Batman Forever is just a neon train wreck, and I find very little potential there and very little to like about it. I just can’t believe that some of the decisions made in that film were made while thinking that people would find them exciting.

So, even though I like Batman, the choice of not buying these new DVDs should be obvious, right? Well, it’s not, because these DVDs look like they are going to be incredible. They’re just loaded with special features relating to the several aspects of the films and the character, and I think I’d really like to watch those. Plus, they each have director’s commentary, which I bet will be absolutely fascinating to listen to. I am not comfortable with the idea of owning a DVD copy of Batman and Robin, the film that I probably hate more than any other film in the world. But listening to Joel Schumacher attempt to explain what the hell he was thinking when he made that piece of junk? That seems very entertaining.

So, I don’t know. I’m certainly not going to rush out and spend money on this DVD set on my own. Or at least not right away. But, if someone were to make the mistake of thinking that I liked these movies and buy them for me, I’d probably keep them. My standards for what I’d put on my shelves are pretty low. I own lots of crap on DVD.

Besides, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve already got the best Batman movie on DVD. This one.


Transformers World 2005 recently held an art contest about Super Deformed Transformers. The winning entry would be sculpted into a fully licensed statue by First 4 Figures. Of course, I had to enter this, and what better character to use for such a contest than Skybyte, the poetry loving Predacon shark?

Well, out of more than 50 entries, my SD Skybyte placed in the top 10. Yeah! It won’t be made into a statue, but I do win a poster with artwork of all the top 10 entries. Not too shabby. In fact, aside from an Armada Unicron entry, mine was the only one in the top ten that wasn’t a character from Generation 1. There are some really fantastic pieces of artwork entered for this contest that are both in and out of the top 10, so go ahead and check them out in the TFW2005 Contest Entry gallery.

I’ll be adding my Skybyte entry to the Fan Art Gallery next time I update, and I might just add some extra content with it, so look forward to that.

Tsunami Blaster!


October 4, 2005

A Life Full of Texture.

Wow, I’m, like, really messed up right now due to lack of sleep. I only got 3 hours and that seems like a long time ago. It’s not even like I was busy or anything, I just decided not to go to sleep for awhile. Not really an intelligent decision, but I usually don’t make very many intelligent decisions when I’m this tired. In fact, I should be going to sleep right now, but instead I decided to post in this weblog. So, yeah, there you have it.

I’m actually doing ok. I seem fairly wide awake. I probably could have stayed awake for much longer before I took that 3 hour nap, and I probably could stay awake for much longer right now too. But at this point a feel a bit of a fog around my brain as my short term memory goes down the tubes and my level of alertness is shot. I don’t have the firmest grasp of where I am and what I am doing beyond whatever it is that happens to be directly in front of my face at any given time in this sort of situation. But I seem articulate enough to type that last sentence, so I think that is a good sign. At times like this I usually tend to start thinking about bizarre things of inhuman origin that don’t make any sense, but I took a break to watch an episode of this anime about a girl who transforms into a super hero pig, so there’s really no need to hallucinate right now. It’s strangely comforting.

What could keep me awake like this? Textures. Yeah, that’s right. Textures. I’ve been downloading pictures of textures to use in my artwork. You know, stone, wood, bricks, that sort of stuff. I just love textures. I’ve spent the better part of the past 3 nights just downloading textures from all sorts of places on the Internet so that I have an extensive library of images at my fingertips whenever I feel like integrating some into a drawing or using one as some artistic inspiration.

For a recent example of using textures, take a look at this Skeletor drawing. The cracked background is actually originally from a photograph of dried mud. That’s a very simple and straightforward way to incorporate texture. I used a cloth texture in my Splinter vs. Shredder drawing for Splinter’s robe, and I also took pictures of some well used cookie sheets to add some of the metallic texture to Shredder’s armor. Those are just some of the creative things that can be done with using textures in digital art. I could go into some more in depth explanations in my message board if anyone expresses an interest.

I’ve got all sorts of textures now, and I’m still looking for more. The weirder, grosser, and nastier they are the better, as far as I’m concerned. I especially like textures of rotten food. Right now I’m up to 3 gigabytes of textures, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon. I’m just addicted to them. Even though it’s highly unlikely that I’ll actually end up using them all, I don’t think I’ll ever have enough. I keep finding more and I have to stop to get them all. Seriously, one can never have too many pictures of concrete. I can’t help myself. I just find them so exhilarating.

No wonder I don’t sleep. I’m just messed up all around.