Transformers World 2005 recently held an art contest about Super Deformed Transformers. The winning entry would be sculpted into a fully licensed statue by First 4 Figures. Of course, I had to enter this, and what better character to use for such a contest than Skybyte, the poetry loving Predacon shark?

Well, out of more than 50 entries, my SD Skybyte placed in the top 10. Yeah! It won’t be made into a statue, but I do win a poster with artwork of all the top 10 entries. Not too shabby. In fact, aside from an Armada Unicron entry, mine was the only one in the top ten that wasn’t a character from Generation 1. There are some really fantastic pieces of artwork entered for this contest that are both in and out of the top 10, so go ahead and check them out in the TFW2005 Contest Entry gallery.

I’ll be adding my Skybyte entry to the Fan Art Gallery next time I update, and I might just add some extra content with it, so look forward to that.

Tsunami Blaster!



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