October 26, 2005

More Than Meets my Wallet.

I bought a lot of Transformers this week.


If you haven’t heard by now, Toys R Us in Canada is having a sale on the basic sized Transformers Energon and Cybertron figures. They’re half price all this week. So I bought… six. Yeah. Six. There’s Scattorshot, Overhaul, Clocker, Ransack, Hardtop, and the Minicons.

More Transformers

I was also lucky enough to find a few toys at the usual unlikely special place I often find toys in. They were all at discounted prices. Really happy to get Scorponok, since I’ve really been wanting to find one at a decent price. Quickstrike is another cool one, a big red helicoptor, and he’ll probably end up being one of the rarer pieces from the Energon line. Sixshot, Wing Saber, and Universe Tankor and Obsidian round out the bunch. A lot of swag for not a lot of cash. It’s been awhile since I’ve scored a big haul like this, and the timing was right. I am pleased.



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