November 14, 2005

R.I.P. Eddie.

I am in shock.

Professional Wrestler Eddie Guerrero, one of my favorite performers on the current roster, was found dead in his hotel room this morning.

This is a guy who was in the absolute prime of his career, and for him to be cut down like this so suddenly… I can’t believe it. It’s a horrible loss.

I was always a fan of his, going all the way back to his first appearance in WCW. He was a phenomenal wrestler and an amazing performer. Throughout his career he had switched between playing the roles of a fan favorite and a villain several times. But even when he was a heel, doing and saying all sorts of terrible things in the story lines, people still cheered for him. There was just something about him that made him so difficult to hate, no matter the angle. We all just loved him too much to keep booing his antics.

Eddie had a lot of problems with addiction that he was very open about, and it’s possible that his demons took a toll on his body. He had risen above it though, and was clean and sober for 4 years, making his sudden passing so surprising. It just doesn’t make sense for someone to be on TV one week, looking completely healthy, and then die the next week so mysteriously. He was far too young.

I wish I could say that this was a wrestling angle and that next week he’ll come back, saying that he cheated his way out of death yet again. I would enjoy being hoodwinked like that, even after writing all this. It would be just another classic Eddie Guerrero moment. But it’s not an angle. It’s real. And it hurts. To say that he will be missed by the fans and the entire pro wrestling community is a huge understatement. I know that I’m going to miss him a lot.

You can read all about Eddie’s career in his Wikipedia entry and on

Via con dios, Latino Heat.



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