November 24, 2005

Ain’t that cute?

People say that they are bored, but not me. Things continue to be interesting somehow. Just look at this recent guestbook post! It comes from someone named “I’m bored“. My, what an exotic moniker.

I’m bored.

Ninja dude. Draw soemthing. Like a cute girl or something.

Wow, pretty much an outright demand there!

Well, sometimes you just got to give the public what they want! So if Mr. bored wants me to draw a cute girl, then drawing a cute girl is what I’m going to have to do! Cute girls are my speciality, after all.

But in a request like this, drawing just any cute girl just isn’t going to cut it. No, I’m going to have to draw something even cuter and, ummm, girlier than ever before! If boredy-boy wants me to make a cute girl drawing on his beck and call, then I’ll draw the cutest girl ever drawn! I think that this is a goal that I can reach! And so, I have finished it and am now presenting it to you all for your judgement.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?



Ok then! Here is the drawing of the cutest girl ever!

Cute Girl!

Awwww, isn’t she so cute? She’s just adorable! Look at that, all happy playing with her letter blocks. She even knows her ABCs already. And look at the little Pikachu plushie she’s got. How sweet. What a cutie pie. I think I gave myself a toothache.

Geeze, what in the bloody hell is this? I can’t believe that I spent the time to draw that. What was I thinking? I am just so totally sleep deprived right now. I am messed up. Instead of working on something important or actually getting some sleep like I should have done several hours prior, I go and draw a freaking baby because I think I’m so freaking funny. Well I hope somebody out there tells me that they laughed!

She is a cute baby though.

Don’t worry. Soon your boredom will come to an end, or at the very least partake in a brief reprieve. It should only be a couple more days. Come back later to see what I mean.



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