December 1, 2005

Jingle Bell Nothing.

So it’s December now. That’s nice, I guess. I like Christmas and all that. But I don’t like Christmas music. I really don’t like it. I get so tired of it. I hate walking into a store that’s playing Christmas music and hearing some fat opera guy wailing on and on about Bethlehem or figgy pudding or whatever.. It’s annoying and sounds terrible. Does this really make anyone feel festive? Not me. It makes me want to burn things.

You know what else I hate? Songs like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree“. You know, that sort of Christmas music that tries to be hip. Oh yeah, these songs are just so edgy and have tapped into the pulse of the nation’s youth. Rock and roll Christmas. What the hell is up with that? These songs are not cool and they never were. They suck.

Just play regular music, dammit.



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