December 8, 2005

5 years of Pie.

It’s hard to belive that it was 5 whole years ago when I released the article “Ninjatron: Published Poet“, exposing how the evil has manipulated would-be poets into parting with their money. The article was a huge hit, and even nowadays I get comments on it. People are still talking about this ridiculous article I wrote, and it’s even been used by poetry enthusiasts online as proof of’s deceptive ways.

I thought it’d be fun and interesting to retrospectively look back at this article, talk about it again, and maybe dust it off for those who have yet to read it.

While I will admit that the poem I wrote, “Pie is so Good“, was indeed a silly and stupid piece of nonsense, I certainly do believe in its message. From it’s first line down to the conclusion, it delivers an only slightly-skewed version of the truth. I really do like pie. And macaroni and cheese as well.



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