December 13, 2005

The Finality.

It is here.

I saw it. It took an entire year to see it, but I did.

Godzilla: Final Wars is out on DVD starting TODAY!

Naturally, I woke up early, rushed to the mall just after it opened, bought myself a copy, rushed back home, and watched it. These actions should not be a surprise to anyone by now.

There was a short moment there were I was thinking “OK, now what?“, because I waited so long to see this movie. It’s like accomplishing a goal and not knowing where to go from there. This feeling was fleeting, however. I know that there are several more films out there that deserve a DVD release in North America, and more being released in their native countries all the time. So come on! Which company is going to show come guts, step up to the plate, and give us Ultraman: The Next?

Until then, I think I’ll be pretty happy watching Final Wars about 200 more times.



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