December 19, 2005


As part of placing in the top 10 in the TFW2005 Super Deformed Transformers contest, my SD drawing of SkyByte has been incorporated into a poster with the other 9 winners. You can purchase a copy of the poster and see what it’ll look like on the first4figures website. It’s $29.99 US, which I guess is expensive for a poster, but only 500 copies are ever going to be made available. Plus, this is the first ever project that is both 100% licensed and endorsed by Hasbro and 100% created by fans. I think that’s pretty freaking cool, myself. And hey, it’s pretty much the first thing that I ever had a hand in that is going to be published so widely. I don’t get any money out of it, but that doesn’t really matter here. It’s just neat that I can say that I drew a part of something and now you can buy it. And hey, maybe when I’m all rich and famous and have risen to the heavens with my god-like superpowers, it’ll be worth something. Ha ha.

I’d say that it’d make a great gift for the holidays, but it looks like they won’t be ready to ship until January, so just buy one for yourself I guess.



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