February 5, 2006

Virtual Idiocy.

From an article posted on Nintendojo.

Nintendo’s announcement of Revolution’s 20 year backward compatibility was met with extreme support from the gaming industry. Apparently, the competition is not quite as impressed. Xbox Live Arcade group manager Greg Canessa says Nintendo’s virtual console games are not going to be as fun as fans expect.

“A lot of those games are fun in your head when you think, ‘Oh, yeah when I was 12, this was really fun,’ and you have these great nostalgic reasons to play them,” says Canessa. “Then you do play them, and they’re just not very fun anymore.” He says some older games like Joust and Gauntlet (both offered on Arcade) are still fun today. He says, however, that “Nintendo games aren’t going to hold up.”

You have got to be kidding me. He didn’t just say that, did he? What a complete and utter jackass.

First of all, Microsoft WISHES they had the gaming history and experience that Nintendo has. This is true. Bill Gates has said that if Nintendo was for sale, he’d buy the entire company. But now we’ve got this shmuck saying that they’re really not that great. Hmm, something smells like grape to me. Big juicy sour ones.

Next, has this guy even played a Nintendo game? There’s a reason why people still talk about those games today, and it’s not just nostalgia. There were some phenomenal games on the NES, SNES, and N64. They were great back then, and they’re still great now! If they didn’t hold up, then why are the GBA and DS remakes as successful as they are? I seriously doubt that there is a single game on the X-Box that as deep and involving as, let’s say, Super Mario Bros. 3. They just don’t make ’em them like that anymore. At least, they don’t make ’em on the XBox. Perhaps I am biased because I do not own an XBox, but I don’t particularly care to own one since there are no Nintendo games for it.

Finally, since it seems that Microsoft is going to continue to pander to the drunken jock segment of the gaming market and say that these classic, revolutionary games are not that great anymore, then as far as I’m concerned they don’t deserve to play them. People like that are too full of their own crap and don’t appreciate true quality anyway.

I hope that I pissed somebody off.



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